About Us

Who we are
We are a BIPOC owned outdoor gear lab, currently based out of our small apartment in the Bronx, NY. We are a team of two, specializing in designing innovative ultralight gear for your next adventure, that are carefully considered and handcrafted. Our name 'allmansright' is inspired by the Swedish law "The Right to Public Access" also know as, "Freedom to Roam". We believe the outdoors is for everyone, and access to nature is 'allmansright'. 


Our Mission
To support protection and diversification of the outdoors by creating fashionable, functional and innovative ultralight gear for a diverse group of people to get outdoors and connect with nature. We hope that one that connects with nature understands what's at stake, and as a result will protect it. Our planet needs all the help it can get! 
We also promise to donate 2% of our monthly profits to organizations supporting our mission to protect and diversify the outdoors. Learn more about our People Planet Promise here


Livio Melo, Founder/Maker/Designer
I'm Dominican, a hiker, artist, and designer with an industrial design degree from 'Parsons - The New School'. I founded 'allmansright' with the goal to protect and diversify the hiking community. 

The industrial designer in me used to believe products could save the world, but the hiker in me knows that the connections made with nature ultimately will. So, I started making my own gear a couple of years ago for personal use, which today has grown to making it for others. By making ultralight, and thoughtfully designed gear, I hope that I can facilitate access and those important connections to nature that we need.

Jennifer JacobssonCo-Founder/Admin/Support Person
I'm a Swedish native, half Filipino, immigrant in the U.S. with a background in merchandising, marketing and event. I grew up in Sweden with Allemansrätten, and the forest as my backyard and playground. Since living in NYC for several years now, I lost touch and access to the outdoors until Livio introduced me to hiking a couple of years ago. It reminded me of the important benefits nature has on our body and mind, and how important access to outdoor is!

Since Livio founded 'allmansright' I've joined the cause to help support our mission of getting more people outdoors, protecting it and diversifying it.

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