'Freedom to Roam' Rules Pt. 6

'Freedom to Roam' Rules Pt. 6

This is kind of bitter sweet, I've truly enjoyed sharing the Rules & Etiquette of the Right to Public access law in Sweden, also know as, Freedom to Roam right. But this is the FINAL part of this series. Don't you worry though, I'm for sure going to share more facts, knowledge, information about this amazing law - that hopefully - maybe - could be a reality in THIS country...
Alright, here we go! 
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I always show consideration for animals and people in nature.

Sure, it's fun to speed along paths with a bicycle or to thunder forward at a gallop in the woods. But keep in mind that you may scare other people, and animals for that matter, who do completely different things than you in nature. The right of public access applies to ALL of us. Be extra careful during the early summer, when wildlife is sensitive and birds are setting nests. 
The Swedish everyman's right (allemansrätten)

I bathe where I'm allowed and will put my boat where it's ok

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You can swim almost everywhere, except on someone's plot or where there is a special access ban to protect birds or seals. If there is a jetty outside a plot, it is permissible to temporarily dock your boat or swim there, as long as you do not disturb or hinder the owner. By boat you can access the sea, lakes and streams, but there may be prohibitions and restrictions. Also, jet skis you can only drive in certain areas, the county administrative board knows which ones - so make sure you research the restrictions.

I only drive motor vehicles where appropriate and allowed

It is not included in the right of public access to drive motor vehicles in the terrain. Off-road driving is prohibited with certain exceptions. Not even the landowner is allowed to drive in the terrain, as long as he does not carry out agriculture or forestry. But, off-road driving can be allowed in connection with forestry, hunting, reindeer husbandry or rescue services.
It is also allowed to drive snowmobiles in snow-covered terrain, as long as the driving does not harm nature, but you must of course not drive where there is a ban. If you are going to park your vehicle, you can do so immediately next to the road, if you do not damage the ground, disturb the landowner or stand in the way.

I hope you've enjoyed this series of Freedom to Roam Rules, always remember, with this amazing right of access to private and public lands come great responsibilities!

Nature is allmansright, make sure you take care of it and the wildlife living in it.
Thank you! 
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