'Freedom to Roam' Rules Pt. 2

'Freedom to Roam' Rules Pt. 2

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Welcome back to part 2 of of the rules and etiquette's of the Swedish ”allemansrätten”. These two are pretty straight forward, and like I mention in my previous post, perhaps something you already do while hiking and camping - love that! I know, these rules make so much sense, I can't help to wonder why we can roam the outdoors freely in the U.S. if we all followed these simple rules.
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I'm taking my trash with me

This one is pretty self explanatory. All littering is prohibited. It's that simple.

Take your trash with you home, or if there are trash bins, you can of course throw your trash out there. For people who litter... don't assume that the garbage truck will come and pick up your trash in the mountains or in the forest, that's not how it works.

Please don't litter and help keep the outdoors and our communities clean. 

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I do not fire on rocks or if there is a risk of fire spreading 

You may use fire under safe conditions in nature, as long as there is no fire ban.

Choose a place for the fire where there is no risk of it spreading or damaging nature, preferably on already prepared fireplaces. Keep in mind that moss, peat or earthy woodland are bad alternatives because the fire can easily spread and even lie, and ignite to flare up at a later time.

Never fire on rocks - the rock can crack from heat!

In National Parks and Nature Reserves, special rules for fire often apply, sometimes it can be completely forbidden. There are bulletin boards in such areas, where you can see what applies but I recommend doing your research before the start of your hike. If there are reasons for a fire risk, there may also be a fire ban. Be on the lookout! 

Stay tuned for Pt. 3

Drop your comments below, lets discuss ”allemansrätten”. 

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