Want to learn more about Allemansrätten?

Want to learn more about Allemansrätten?

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Wanted to create a one-stop-shop for educational, helpful and interesting video's about Allemansrätten, here on the blog. So you can learn some more about; what it means and what the spirit of the Swedish Law - Right of Public access are.
I hope you enjoy!

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Freedom to Roam expert Peder Curman

Find yourself in Swedish nature

Allemansrätten - in English | Naturvårdsverket

The spirit of Allemansrätten

We called random Swedes. They told us about … foraging?

The Right of Public Access ‘Allemansrätt’ in Scandinavia

West Sweden through american eyes - with Chris Doyle

5 rules for hiking in Sweden - The right to public access (Allemansrätten)

Ep. 4 The Allemansrätten, All man's right.

"All Mans Right" to wander, meander and roam throughout Sweden

Sweden's nature is for everyone – trespassing DOESN'T EXIST

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