'Freedom to Roam' Rules Pt. 4

'Freedom to Roam' Rules Pt. 4

Welcome back to pt. 4 of Rules & Etiquette's of the Swedish Law -  "The Right to Public Access" a.k.a. Freedom to Roam Rights. This covers one of my favorite things to do when I'm visiting my family in Sweden, Wildflower picking!
Fun Fact
On Midsummer day supposedly you'll dream of your future partner if you pick 7 different wildflowers and place them under your pillow when you go to sleep. 

Så här fungerar allemansrätten - Eslövs kommun

I always close the gate

You may pass through a gate or a fence to reach land where the right of public access applies, as long as you do not enter anyone's private plot near their house. of course If you do pass through a gate or fence don't forget to close it after yourself! 
Keep in mind that you are entering a paddock at your own risk, and that there may be curious calves and maybe even an angry bull.
A landowner may not erect a fence to exclude people from the right of public access, so you must never break a fence to be able to pass. Instead, you can call it out. Contact the municipality or the county administrative board if you have discovered a fence that you cannot get past.

Picking flowers, berries, mushrooms, etc. - Swedish Environmental  Protection Agency

I only pick the flowers that I can pick

You can pick wild berries, flowers and mushrooms, as well as, fallen branches and dry rice of the ground. However, some plants are really rare that they are protected and may not be picked. Do your research before picking! 

You also should not break or take twigs, branches, bark, leaves, nuts or resin from growing trees.

Stay tuned for pt. 5
Drop your comments below and lets discuss "allemansratten", could it work in the U.S.?
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