This is Our Country. Let's Walk It.

(Image from NYT)

Ken Ilgunas is an award winning author, journalist, and back-country ranger in Alaska, who has hitchhiked, paddled and walked thousands of miles across North America. Pretty impressive, he has written books about it, currently we’re reading “This land is our land - how we lose the right to roam and how to take it back”.

To get a sneak peak into his journey the linked opinion he wrote for the The New York Times brings you with him trespassing across America along the proposed Keystone XL pipeline. It’s a great Saturday morning read 😉
“This is our country, let’s walk it” .... we couldn’t agree more.
Read his opinion at The New York Times here.

Ken Ilgunas' 'Trespassing across America' on the 1,700-mile route of the  Keystone XL pipeline - Los Angeles Times
(Image Credit: LA Times)

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