Climate, Jobs, and Justice Recovery Virtual Rally and Campaign Launch August 19th

NY Renews is a coalition of over 140 NY State based groups working together for good jobs, healthy communities and frontline justice through 100% clean renewable energy. (

Dear friends, 

As Covid-19 continues to attack our communities and the climate crisis continues to encroach, it is more urgent than ever that NY State invest in its communities, create good, green jobs, transition to 100% renewable energy, and make polluters pay to provide for a decent, just recovery and a transition to an economy that works for all. The past few months have been difficult for so many of us. We deserve better.

That’s why NY Renews is launching our Climate, Jobs, and Justice Recovery campaign this August 19th with a virtual rally. Join us to tell the legislature and governor that we will not wait for a just recovery! Join us:

The Covid-19 pandemic, financial crisis, and Black Lives Matter uprising have made one thing abundantly clear: when crises happen, they hurt marginalized communities first and worst. The climate crisis is no different. We need legislation and a budget that reflects the urgent needs of working class communities of color while combating climate change.

We won a huge victory for our movement last summer with the passage of the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act, and that was only possible with the work of thousands of New Yorkers rallying, organizing, calling, writing, and fighting for it. We’re not done, and this is our next fight.

Sign up for the launch into our next fight for climate justice in NY:

We know what our movement is capable of, but only when we do it together. Last time, each and every one of you was a vital part of that victory. We can and will do it again with your help.

The struggle continues.

Join the virtual rally for #ClimateJobsAndJustice August 19th:
See you there! 

In solidarity.

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