Simple Things you can do to combat Climate Change

Feel anxious about Climate Change? I hear you! 
There is so much work that has to be done, and done NOW to reverse the impacts of Climate Change. Where do we start? Where do I start? What can I do? Is what I'm doing enough? I'm just one person, can I make a difference? 
YES you can!
In the next few weeks I'll be sharing some simple things you can do to protect our planet, by reducing your emissions and engaging more sustainably with the environment and others.

Trust me, It adds up! 
First up, lets talk about reducing our plastic waste by bringing our own reusable water bottle.

Bring your own water bottle or mug

60% of our body is made of water, it is important that we drink enough water to maintain the body's fluid balance (Love water!). Just imagine how many single-use bottles a person could use in a year to drink the recommended eight cups of water per day!

So, by choosing a reusable bottle, we greatly reduce our carbon footprint and take a huge step toward reducing plastic waste. Single-use plastic water bottles are thrown away by the billion per year, just in the U.S. That's 35 billion per year, to be exact. With just a 23% recycling rate, it's no wonder that plastic bottles are filling up landfills and our oceans. The production of these plastic bottles involves a heavily polluting process, and they biodegrade extremely slowly, taking hundreds of years to break down naturally in the environment. The entire life-cycle makes no sense, from production to disposal, a bottle that is made just to be thrown away?

Not only will your reusable water bottle help you keep track of how much water you're drinking, it will last you for years of usage! 
A reusable bottle is more than just a bottle, it's your everyday companion. It develops personality and character the more that it is used, and with daily cleaning, can be maintained for years. 
You will also save money on water and drinks while you're out! Buying bottle water can get costly fast, costing the average American about $200 per year!! What you're paying for is mostly the plastic bottle itself, and again - we don't want to add more plastic waste. You reusable bottle will cost you on average about $30-50, and it will last much much longer than just a year. 

If you don't have a personal reusable water bottle, check these places out to get yours and reduce plastic waste:

Need more convincing why plastic water bottles suck? See below! 
Bring your own water bottle

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