Nunatak Review - Liten 35

Hi All,
A few month back we had the honor of making a pack for Nunatak, and we had no expectations AT ALL to receive a review as well as valuable feedback to make our pack even better! Definitely a highlight in 2020.

Thanks Nunatak! We appreciate the kind words and support! 
You can read the review on Reddit, but here it is as well:


This can only qualify as an early impressions mention, as I've hiked just 2 hrs with this frameless/beltless pack. But being a maker myself I've also spent at least two hours scrutinizing the construction, detailing and design, lol.

  • 35 liters (unverified, but most likely include pockets)
  • 18" torso, 16.6 ounces.
  • Generally VX07, plus Cordura in all the right places.
  • Typical pocket placement, tried and true roll top, S-straps, bungees

I've seen a lot gear. Allmansright claim a scant six months in business, but either they are inherently talented or are hiding lots of previous experience because this pack is dialed:

  • Fabric and hardware choices that are balanced and makes sense.
  • 99% flawlessly sewn.
  • Built with stress points properly reinforced, triple stitched seams where needed, fully internally bound.
  • Pockets are big but secure with burly shock cord and big cord locks. 2 x 1 liter Smart on the sides.
  • Attachment points for poles, axe and CCF pad are really cool and truly multi functional. Some thought went into this area.
  • Aesthetically pleasing. Shoulder strap side seams are absolutely centered; very close to parallel topstitching throughout; notions perfectly mirrored side to side; and many more functionally irrelevant details done right.
On my hike it carried like it should. I didn't push it enough to really say much more here, but soon the full Nunatak crew and friends will get a chance.
  • Gripes (both can fixed in 20 min):
  • The Velcro top closure. While a sensible Omni Tape it still needs to go.
  • The shoulder strap tails are sewn triple folded so they can't be un-buckled to attach slide-on pockets.


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