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Lightload Towels

Regular price$5.80 Sale price

Lightload Towels

Regular price$5.80 Sale price

Wow! That’s a towel? You got to be kidding me. It’s so compact. Yes, it’s a vacuum sealed cube about an inch squared, great for saving space and weight. Add water to the cube then behold, they unfold to a normal size hand towel. They absorb like a sponge about nine times it’s weight and quick dries. The towels are also good for cooling and insulation. Lightload Towels can also be used as first aid, static electricity insulation, tinder, padding, a mask and more. 


  • Fits in pocket
  • Great for travel
  • Ultralight
  • Durable
  • Quick drying
  • More absorbent than cotton
  • A cool survival tool
  • Made out of eco-friendly fibers
  • Biodegradable & Compostable


100% Lyocell


12x12 in (30x30 cm)


0.3 oz (6 g)

All deliveries are carbon neutral
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